Our tour guide Tanya, was really good, great storyteller. and very knowledgeable. One thing that was unexpected for me was how crowded everything was, that was not the tour s fault. I was just glad to have Tanya there to guide us through that. so you missing a lot because of the crowd but also about the stuff was available to see. I think it’s important to go into the tour and to know that it’s good to be very crowded and you going to miss a lot of stuff just because it’s way too much to take in. Vatican City is not just a small museum it’s a city and a country on its own and very special one. so please don’t expect to see everything but the way the tour is organized it’s super helpful I think if we would have done it without Tanya or tour guide we would have gone half the information and even missed way way more. definitely worth it. All worked out just fine, it was just so so crowded and I think it would be great to maybe meet just a little bit separate from the crowd and walking two minutes to the entrance of the museum and that we have no issue whatsoever meeting up. Tanya was super.