First I have to say that I booked 4 Airbnb tours for our Europe trip and Andrea is definitely the kindest, most responsive host of all of them. He is quick to reply and is always helpful. It is because of his kindness that I can give the tour a high rating. Second, we had a large group–5 adults, 6 kids (ages 2-17). In retrospect, I should have confirmed with Andrea that we had a large number of kids in our group. Since I didn’t, we had a tour guide who wasn’t as kid-friendly. I don’t doubt Anna’s passion or knowledge about art history. However, her pace was fast and her information overwhelming. We went almost non-stop for 3 hours. We needed to ask for breaks to rest, to go to the restroom, and to even take pictures. I understand that it is a very informative tour, but it was a little too much for our brains. Even the 2 other women with our tour group mentioned to us that it was all good information, but it was a lot. I love Anna’s passion, but I think she needs more practice reading a group and being flexible. The thing that makes me saddest is that now all the kids don’t have fond memories of the Vatican. Andrea was very responsive to my comments and even offered monetary compensation. He mentioned that the Airbnb booking system did not show that I had registered 6 children, otherwise he would have assigned a “lighter” guide for our tour. He truly is a wonderful person. to work with! The lesson I learned is to always reach out and confirm that the tour company knows how many children you have, if you are traveling with children. OR to confirm what kind of tour you desire–one that is information dense, or one that has an easier pace. I recognize that each group is different and has different needs…Anna is wonderful, but she just didn’t work well for our group.