Susan D.

This was a great experience. Anna was so, so friendly and knowledgeable. She had impeccable English and a great sense of humour. We really enjoyed it. Our only advice is, don’t eat lunch….. so that you can really enjoy and appreciate all the food and wine. Thanks for hosting us Anna x

Burt D. B.

Fantastic experience with a five star guide Andrea

Trudi G.

Amazing experience. All delicious food and awesome to get insight from a local. Great stories and recommendations! Couldn’t recommend more.

Richard W.

Our tour guide was fantastic. As a local he knows so much about the area and felt you were really getting a glimpse into authentic Romeo life. Each stop was better than the next and customized to your taste.

Olivier L.

Our guide Anna was really interesting and gave us many info about the Roman food, and all the culture around the restaurants in Italy

Myriam L.

This tour is one of a kind! It was amazing to to get to know this wonderful place and being shown around by our guide Andrea, who is a real home-grown. We had delicious food and drinks. It was an outstanding experience during our stay in Rome and we would highly recommend it.

Cynthia G.

Our food experience was planned very well. We sampled delicious Italian classics in a progression of venues. Our tour guide, Anna, was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. We had a very enjoyable evening. Thank you!

Ida N.

It was as cozy as could be, great food and a very nice guide! Recommend to everyone visiting Rome:))